Binocular Rivals: Solo show at VAMP Oakland

These drawings on paper (19″x24″) explore the effect of binocular rivalry as experienced through anaglyph 3D glasses. When viewed through the basic analog device, the bright red and cyan images flicker between two- and three-dimensions, background and foreground, positive space and negative space. The parts cannot be resolved as a complete whole, and the image is at odds with itself. For each character depicted, there is a sense of internal conflict and confusion that is both bodily and psychological. They are all inevitably extensions of my own experience with personal, geographic, and cultural fragmentation.

Peripheral thoughts, influences, and sources include: Bridget Riley and Op/Perceptual art, Ikeda Tatsuo’s Birds and Beasts drawings, Hijikata Tatsumi’s Ankoku Butoh, and Michael Nyman’s compositions (especially “An Eye for Optical Theory”).


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